Welcoming 2016: A look back at our 2015

Whew –

What a year for us.  It was just a year ago that we took a dream by the horns and started our little company – what a joyful journey it has been.

We’ve been looking back at the past year and can’t keep the smiles from our lips and we wanted to share some of our favorite adventures from behind the lens with you!  These are, in an order, but not in the order that they happened, or alphabetical. Instead, just thrown together randomly so that we can best share with you!

Amelia & Brian: Maternity
What a joy it was to capture these two from early pregnancy to right before the little one joined the family.  Photographs were taken at one of our favorite spots: the red barn, as well as at Colorado State and Spring Canyon Park.

Colorado State Lacrosse
Liz spent quite a bit of time on the field this past season, and although she has stepped back from the sideline after ten years of coaching, Scott enjoyed capturing action at home in Colorado as well at away games.

Guerrero Family
This shoot was early in the year, and such a blast for us.  Beautiful Colorado day (even in winter!) – fun location and best of all … laughing kids!

Conductor Head Shots: Michael Bowles
Another example of weather holding and beautiful Colorado helping us out! Mike (and his baton) were a blast for us to shoot – and after a few hours, and dragging him around to many locations, we were able to get a pile of shots we are in love with.

Amazon Rain Forest
Liz was able to visit the Peruvian Amazon in February as she worked with another teacher and a herd of experts (thanks, No Barriers!) to help students study climate change.  The Amazon is, incredible.  And that doesn’t even begin to explain its beauty and wonder – so far, one of her favorite opportunities to take photographs.

Brewer Family – Christmas Party!
What is more fun than having the chance to photograph an Ugly Sweater Christmas party? Not much.  We had a blast capturing candid shots as well as running a photo booth.

Oregon: Portland & the Coast
We were fortunate enough to get to spend a week in March visiting Oregon – Portland and the coast.  We had a wonderful time wandering, laughing, drinking a few beers, getting our hands and feet wet thanks to the Pacific, and the rest of us wet thanks to the rain!

Lara & Corey: Wedding!
How much more joyful does it get than a wedding?  Not really much at all!  We loved our day spend with these two both at their wedding and out of the venue taking their bridal party pictures.  It’s so enjoyable for us to hang out with people who are happy, in love, and excited for the future!

Around Colorado
Well, we live here.  And we love taking photographs – so here are some of our favorite “local” shots from the year!

Harley and the V-Twins
Taking photographs of the band is a blast – you get to feel their energy and be on stage without “being on stage.”  Hanging out with these guys is not only enjoyable, but we were able to get some of our favorite shots of the year!

State Farm – Loveland
One of the things we enjoy doing is capturing people for their professional needs, this year, we were able to do that for a State Farm Office in Loveland!

Blood Moon
Oh, and then there was the good old Blood Moon – hands down one of our favorite works this year.  A composite taken over several hours out of two cameras and a number of lenses, all with a goal to replicate what we were able to see with our own eyes!Sangre in the Sky

Horse & Dragon
It’s no secret (well, hopefully not) that H&D is one of our very favorite places.  Scotty was able to capture a few of the taproom team – beers, smiles, and all.

Gallery Showing & Coffee Shops
We were also fortunate enough to get two pieces (one for Liz and one for Scott) into the “Beauty Surrounds Us” gallery showing at Boardwalk Gallery in Windsor.  Liz was featured with “Aracari’s Dream” and Scott with “Sangre in the Sky.”  We’ve also had two shows of photographs – at Dazbog in south Fort Collins and Loveland Coffee in …you guessed it…Loveland.

Lang Family
We also had the opportunity to head out to the sculpture park in Loveland this fall and capture the smiles and giggles of the Lang family.  Hard to not love work when you get a chance to meet people like this!

Book Trust
The Book Trust is an incredible organization that really works diligently to put books in the hands of young students. We both have a passion for education, and we felt honored to have the chance to donate a few photoshoots to the Book Trust for their Books on Tap event.  Now, go check them out.  And donate money.  Books are so powerful for kids and even a few dollars can change a kid’s life!

The South
This summer we traveled to the American South visiting a variety of states, but spending the bulk of our time in Tennessee and North Carolina.  We had an incredible time exploring and taking photographs (as usual…).

We also had the chance to take the time to work with Anna, a sweet older dog.  As dog owners ourselves, we loved capturing the smile of this pup! 

Fusher Family
What a fabulous way to end the year -this family who was bursting with laughter, love, and hugs.  Even though it was cold outside, it was an absolute blast and we enjoyed every second of it.

This year, we also had a lot of NEW.
New Cameras.
New Lenses.
New Studio.

And now…it’s a NEW YEAR! So here is to 2016 – we are so looking forward to our next adventures, thank you so much for sharing the journey with us!

Liz & Scott

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